The kind of real estate that Kenils deal in requires the use of property loans or loans against securities to be able to buy it at a comfortable pace without feeling the pinch. Almost every bank in India offers loans to buy a home or to buy property for commercial use. The interest rates on the home loans and the property loans are less if it is for residential use. The interest factor is normally higher in commercial loans.

A financial institution provides loans for 4 segments in real estate. One is through the Personal Loan Scheme, which however does not provide loans for earnings if it earning is less than Rs. 20,000 per month. The second Loan Scheme is providing a loan against existing property. This is normally paid in equal monthly installment which is easy to pay for a period of 3 years, 5 years or 10 years.

When funding is required we help the customer by organizing the paper work and submitting it ti the concerned banks for the loans. The follow up that is necessary is also done by us and we keep a track of the progress of the loan application in the bank. To make payment simpler for our clients we make it easier for the bank to provide the property loan directly to the seller of the property. This reduces not only the costs of the procedures but it saves time and money for our clients.

We are currently in the process of negotiating with several other banks to provide easy loans at lower interest rates for our clients only and to be able to make the verification process easier we process the application directly with the existing banks with who we have a network. This will also be started once the new banks that we are in talks with finalize the negotiations.

Our vision is to be able to assist every individual is buying a home of their own and in supporting the efforts of every entrepreneur in his commercial venture. It is our corporate social responsibility and our duty to the community to make life simpler, living simpler and opening the doors for earnings for all who come to us.

If we have survived since 2007 and if we have grown since 2007, it is purely on the strength of our client base and our attempts to be of worthwhile assistance.

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