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The land of lions, Gujarat has been a buoyant state ever since India acquired independence. It isn’t new that Gujaratis are a business driven community. Gujaratis venture into real estate, share market, trade and are born entrepreneurs, it’s said. Further, the state has an impeccable quality of merging and welcoming non-gujaratis in Gujarat and make them feel at home. This state embraces everyone with open arms and treats all with equality. Especially the last two decades have seen Gujarat making a mark overseas.

Inviting infrastructure

From well-built and broad roads that run across cities to even remote villages, well it surroundings, proper waste management facility, organised town planning, adequate water supply, electrical grids, Gujarat is well equipped and there is no dearth of facilities. Be it private buildings or public, infrastructure level and facility is appreciable.

Alluring appreciation of capital

BPOs, MNCs and companies from around the world are increasingly investing in Gujarat and the number of migration in this state has proportionately levelled up. Though the overall economy always affects the economy of this state to certain extent but otherwise Gujarat is forever in demand. Due to the unending demand and ongoing developments, appreciation of capital and profit on investment is commendable.

Spacious and luxurious living

Population and the density of population is a major problem in overall India especially the metro cities but this isn’t such a concern in cities of Gujarat. Even the big cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot along with countryside regions can avail the opportunity of living in spacious houses. Bungalows and villas that seem like a dream to have in cities like Mumbai and Delhi is possible in cities of Gujarat.

Superb connectivity

Gujarat falls on busiest corridor Delhi Mumbai. Rapid railways, roadways, airways connect it to major cities of the country. Major highways like NH8, Ahmedabad-Vadodara expressway, and superfluous roads make travel swift and quick. There are nearly ten domestic airports and fastest trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto and the proposed deals of Bullet train that shall run between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Trade is facilitated due to largest coastline and bunch of ports.

Strategic location

The strategic location of the state, its neighbourhood with prime states of the country, the longest coastline it has, rivers, deserts, hill add to Gujarat’s equity value. Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh are its immediate neighbours and main cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jaipur, Udaipur and others are easily connected.

Friendly environment

Entire state is warm and its culture is welcoming. The state is full of business men and business-minded people which keep the overall scene of the state very motivating and complimenting. Be it the festivals celebrated here or the people who reside, in Gujarat people stay like a big family. Also the safety and security maintained in the state is commendable.

Bundle of opportunities

More investments, more manufacturing, more availability of resources, more need of work force hence more employment opportunities. Also as there are many firms there is a healthy competition amongst the organisations and employees have a choice to work at the best in class. Also as the profitability ratio is high and so are chances of success in state the employees get opportunity to climb up on the ladder of designation, power and salary.

Exclusive excursions

The diversity of locations and geographic uniqueness of the state is eye-catchy. From tall mountains to natural habitat, resorts, parks, beaches, deserts, are so magnificent that Gujarat has always been captured widely in Bollywood movies as well as TV soaps. The historical buildings and heritage of the state is sure to carry you back in time of royals. There are innumerous eating joints to multiplexes and all the possible means of entertainment in best quality possible.

Upcoming transformations projects

Several cities of Gujarat have been declared to be transformed as smart cities in near future. Also Gujarat is getting one more international airport. There are several new universities coming up. The upcoming projects shall add up to the already existing excellent state-of-the-art facilities.

Garima Malvanker, Times Property, The Times of India, Mumbai

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