Tips for first home buyers in ahmedabad

Be it the first property, dream home of one’s life or a second property for investment, buying a property is always an important and most watchful event of one’s life. Here we give some important check points which one must take into consideration before taking an important decision of your life.

Technical documents

Check with the builder if he has got all the government and local authority clearances before commencement of the project. These documents include:

Land: Sale deed of ownership of land or agreement to sale (Banakhat) with the land owner or partnership deed or JV deed with the land owner.

Title certificate: This certificate is issued by a competent advocate lawyer practising in land laws and property matters. This certificate is issued only after thoroughly checking the track record of land since the land law was formed in 1947. The title report shows when and how many times that particular land survey number was transacted and how the ownership of land was changed.

NA order of the land: NA order is conversion of land use from agricultural to non-agricultural. Before commencement of construction, this order is a must with any developer or builder.

Approved project plans: All project plans, technical drawings plans must have been approved by the respective government and local authorities.

Construction permission: This is one of the most important documents any builder developer must acquire from government or local authorities before starting the construction.

Plinth check certificate: This is again an important document issued by the authorities showing that the construction is in progress as per the approved plans and technical drawings.

Environmental clearance certificate: A builder developer must possess environmental clearance certificate.

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