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By the end of this month, the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Limited (SRFDCL) will be ready for volumetric sale of space on the riverfront for four plots. SRFDCL authorities claim that by January-end the corporation will have requisite revenue numbers ratified by the city survey superintendent who will make an official note of the survey numbers of nearly 200 hectares of reclaimed land.

“The SRFDCL will not be selling land on riverfront but would only sell development rights. There is a separate development control regulations for the riverfront plots,” says a senior SRFDCL official. In all, there are 41 plots on the east and west banks of the Sabarmati River. To start with, authorities are planning to auction development rights of two plots near Nehru Bridge, just behind Vallabh Sadan and two on the east bank. “We have permission for 75-metre tall buildings from the Air ports Authority of India (AAI).

A senior SRFDCL official said the land parcel for commercial purposes is estimated to be 2,97,120 sq m including space on both banks of the river. On this land, nearly 20 buildings will come up on the western bank while 21 buildings will come up on the eastern bank.

As per design, the maximum building height planned is 101 metre, but the AAI has approved only 75 metre tall buildings as of now. The minimum height of the buildings would be 25 metre.

In SRFDCL board meeting held on January 19, the appointment of two new board of directors and time and date for riverfront plot auction was being discussed, claim AMC officials. Clearances from the finance and revenue departments had been obtained for reclaimed land and cost adjustments.

“Structural stability of the building design will be the responsibility of the owner who buys the development rights. For the SRFDCL house, we had engaged IIT-Gandhinagar for passing our building design. Seismic microzonation maps are available with us for reference for developers who would want to design specific buildings on the available footprint,” says a senior SRFDCL official.

Source: The Times of India, Ahmedabad

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