Residential Property in Ahmedabad

Bungalow / Tenament types Residential Properties :

  • Few years back only Tenement and Bungalows were constructed or made for sale by builders and developers, there was huge space available in City for doing construction and cost of land or plots were very low.
  • Price and Rates of Bungalows or Tenement very so less that every signal person can afford in past years, form center of city to surrounding or nearby areas.


Flats or Apartments types Residential Properties :

  • As price gone higher of land and plots new culture of Flats types of Residential Property started to be made
  • As time went form name of Flats change to Luxurious Apartments


Villas / Farm Houses types Residential Properties :

  • As people get’s richer and land cost gone on top of the town, Hni customers started looking out residential property which were near or surrounding fast moving crowd culture of city and wanted a place for peace living, from here Villas or Farm Houses residential property came to existence and started to be built
  • In recent times properties near or surrounding areas are equally cost compare to city price


Following the footsteps of metropolitan cities in India in the growth of real estate property, Ahmedabad seems to be the next destination for real estate developers as well as investors who expect high return on properties with short growth. Such is the case in development in the residential property sector in Ahmedabad Gujarat, with value added projects filling up the skyline of Gujarat. Healthy competition and Government support have made this city a land of gold for investors especially nri to become interested in investing in residential projects with an aim of exploiting a good rent avenue.

The reasons why this city is making top rated construction companies and real estate consultants enter into this arena are many which primarily include flexible policies of the Government in planning urban townships and at the same time extending basic amenities to areas that are considered prime for high value residential projects.

Reasons why investors are becoming more and more interested in residential properties in Ahmedabad include being a good rent avenue when buying under construction and upcoming scope and finding trusted and esteemed construction companies at work where safety and eco friendly ambience are some of their prime objectives while delivering residential properties like villas, independent houses, flats, apartments and other types of residential properties that are more productive, creating calm, eco friendly, creative and positive environment.

Builders are at the helm of affairs earning the trust of buyers through delivering high value residential properties built with high tech materials and state of the art technology being put to use. Architectural designing consultants who are working hand in hand with reputed builders in India have their prime objective in ensuring safety against fire, earthquake and storm while handling residential projects. They are using high quality materials that are approved by the building authorities and procured from the best sources in this country and abroad.

Intelligent planning and proper infrastructure which include developed roads and amenities are some of the many factors that are playing important role in the development of residential property sector in Ahmedabad. Large numbers of investors are finding their investment safe and assured of high return especially with under-construction and upcoming scope projects which are of high value and no less inferior than those in other metropolitan cities in India.

Living in the most sophisticated lifestyle is the need of the hour and a future trend for which residential properties in Ahmedabad are living up to the expectations.

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