Nalsarovar Best Choice for Weekend Homes

Some 64 km away from the metro city, Nalsarovar is situated towards Sanand and is full of lush green trees, waterfalls, rocky hills and well-constructed roads. Nalsarovar has been in demand for over half a decade now. Especially with increasing pollution and population issues in the city and stressful work life, people are looking for relaxing weekends and thus weekend homes and getaways. Nalsarovar is in the west of city Ahmedabad and is one of the most visited wetlands in the nation.

Nalsafari is something for which even NRIs rent a house here and stay. Between November and February this place turns into a carnival of varied species of birds and a carnival of hundreds of people. Even though now round the year this place stays crowded and taking its advantage people have started investing Nalsarovar for personal use as well as for investment purpose.

Individual bungalows to projects of plots and villas, Nalsarovar has seen unbelievable development in last two to three years. Many NRGs have also invested in plots near Nalsarovar and come here every winter. A three BHK bungalow near Nalsarovar would cost nearly Rs 40-50 lakh and above depending on the amenities provided.

Also the bungalows and houses that directly face the lake or have the major wetland as front view have higher prices. The strongest point of this location is that the roads that lead to Nalsarovar are in good condition. There are major investors from Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Saurashtra who have invested in weekend homes here.

Garima Malvanker, Times Property, The Times of India, Ahmedabad

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