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The last few decades have seen an upswing in the real estate market for Ahmedabad as per the Ahmedabad property market latest news. The real estate market owes a lot to the governance of the city for this. Not the residential locations but also the education system prevalent. Along with them the various kinds of industries present in Ahmedabad have strongly contributed towards it being attracted by investors for real estate. Physical infrastructure too entails a big role while drawing real estate rates for appreciation. So the latest property market rates are appreciating because of the infrastructural growth and official demand for Ahmedabad.

The buzz in the Ahmedabad property market latest news is that of rise in demand for official spaces. The residential market seems to be on a lower side compared to the commercial market. Due to the onset of many companies both domestic and global, the demand for office spaces are seen to be rising.

The Ahmedabad property market latest news also shows the retail market having considerable demand in the last few months. Both retail banking and quick service outlets have been expanding in Ahmedabad as per the Ahmedabad property market latest news. The official space demands are gaining more importance when compared to the residential real estate market.

The latest addition to the Ahmedabad property market latest news is the approval of metro project for Ahmedabad. The onset of the metro project will ensure better connectivity and better infrastructure.The metro line will connect those parts of Ahmedabad that still possess open space and can entail further construction. In fact the Ahmedabad property market latest news clearly believes that the prices for the property rates around these metro lines will experience appreciation soon. Investors will gain good returns too.

Also to be the cake on the icing is the premium housing being in high demand. With businessmen around Ahmedabad and the neighboring cities like Mumbai, Pune these houses have started attracting many. The qualitative life with basic amenities and luxurious stay at less expensive rates than the neighbouring cities have fascinated many people.

Ahmedabad is gradually turning itself into the luxury hub for Gujarat. The areas that have attracted many are Vastrapur, Shilaj and SG Highway to name a few. The amenities would include spacious houses with terrace garden, Wi-Fi connectivity, swimming pools, centrally air conditioned, elevator, power back up, water storage, RO system and water harvesting and many more.

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