Lake view property in ahmedabad

From river, rich historical past, large belt of greenery, visionary rulers, varied outstanding heritage buildings and architectures, ideal geographic location, Ahmedabad has it all.

Ahmedabad boasts of having 19 small and big lakes spread across the city. However, today, all of these lakes are not in healthy condition. The major lakes are Vastrapur Lake, Vatva Lake, Chandola Lake, Shilaj Lake, Auda talav, Gota talav, Bopal Lake, Naroda Lake, Isanpur Lake, Prahladnagar Lake, Crystal Lake among several others.

Rivers, beaches and lakes play a decisive role in the price factor of the nearby property. Lakes are now taking centre stage and are playing a major role in deciding the prices of the properties situated in the periphery of the lake. Like in Mumbai, houses that are sea facing or are near the beach are priced high. Buyers are ready to pay whopping amounts to book a house near the sea.

There are waiting lists and special hunts for flats or bungalows that are sea facing. In Ahmedabad, property near Sabarmati River front and Kankaria Lake front are in demand. Investors and buyers are ready to pay extraordinary prices to get a store or apartment nearby.

According to this new concept and rising demand for nature-friendly homes, realtors are paying special attention while bringing up projects that have magnificent lake view and are creating windows that enable panoramic scene of the lake. Busy lives, tiring schedules, traffic, pollution, noise, tall concrete structures, are factors that are taking man closer to nature now.

Buyers are ready to pay extra to get fresh air, clear view, bright sunlight and pleasant view. Amdavadi architects are making most of this exhaustive number of lakes the city is blessed with and create structures admiring their beauty.

The nature-loving families that are looking for a pleasant living within the city are forever in hunt of such houses with lake view. On asking the price differentiation between a regular 2-BHK and a 2-BHK with lake view, builder Jayant Shah says, “This trend is catching more and more eyeballs and attracting more buyers day by day in Ahmedabad. So, the price gap is considerable, Kankaria Lake has played pioneering role in getting Amdavadis fall in love with beauty of lakes. One has to pay some thousands more and soon lake view property will be in condition of demanding massive amount. The people here are embracing this much-talked about trend.”

Lake development project that revamped the condition of Kankaria Lake, Vastrapur Lake, Chandola and alike have acted as a major booster in increasing demand of areas surrounding the lake.

The recreational activities, rides, entertainment, eateries that have developed by the lake turn them into tourist attraction and gather large footfall. From archery to hot air balloon, lakes cheer up commercial development as well.

Be it the Amdavadi dream of owning a lounge by the lake side or an apartment in sky scraper that has a panoramic lake view or stores and restaurants and earning thousands from tourists, lakes are catalysing the commercial and residential growth of the city to a notable extent.

Garima Malvanker, Times Property, The Times of India, Ahmedabad

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