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Kenils Property is located in Ahmedabad in the Gujarat. The company was established in 2007 and we have since been operating though the country. The three main areas that Kenils Property is associated with is Buying Property, Selling Property and arranging for Property Rentals. This is the core business of Kenils.

We now have an online presence and it would be a privilege to have you visit our website www.kenils.in. In the website we have explained in detail the areas of our core business, the ancillary businesses that support our core businesses and the areas in which we have properties for sale, purchase and rentals both for private use and commercial use. The properties that we deal in are both old properties and new properties. All a customer has to do is tell us the choice and the area and we will do the rest.

The aim of Kenils is to make doing business whether it is for personal business or for commercial businesses a pleasant experience with the minimum complexities involved. We want to build a continued relationship with our customers on an ongoing basis. We have properties that are for low budget requirements to properties that are of high budget requirements. We attempt to provide the best possible properties at the most reasonable prices for our clients. For us a fair deal for our client is more important than selling or arranging for the purchase of a property.

The experience of doing business with us should be pleasant so that the potential clients will return to us for all their business requirements just as our existing clients return to us for their business needs.

As property brokers we have flats and apartments for rent, purchase and sale. From studio apartments to 5 bedroom flats and apartments are available with us. Bungalows, villas, farmhouses for personal use and for rent are available with us. Just call us and let us know what you need and we will find it for you in no time. We have never lost a customer as we have always been able to cater to a customer’s needs. Given below is a form that is simple to fill out and easy to understand. Please contact us by placing your requirements and your budget in the form and send it is us with the full details of how we should get back to you in reply.


Residential Flats or Apartment :- We sale and rent all types of Residential Flats / Apartments property like under construction, new ready possession, old resale.

Types of Residential Flats / Apartment :- low rise, high rise, multistorey, terrace garden, studio apartments, penthouses. Range of Flats or Apartments are from 1bhk, 2bhk, 3 bhk, 4 bhk, 5bhk.

Flats / Apartments Property Types :-  Single Self-Contained Unit, Society flats, Townships, etc.

Individual Bungalows or Tenement :- We sell and lease Individual house or homes property. This house is also know as Bungalows, Tenement, Duplex, Row house.

Residential Villas and Farm houses :- This property is called Holiday homes as when you want to relax form routine work and want to change regular place environment, people prefer Villas and Farm houses near or surrounding city area where there is large amount o greenery and no pollution of city.

Commercial Offices Space :- For earning money you need to do business other than job and for business you need a Office Space. We deal in office spaces selling and rental.

Commercial Shops :- For selling any product item a shop is necessary

Commercial showrooms :-

Commercial Shed :-

Godown or Warehouse :-

Agricultural Land or Plots :-


Kenils Online is one of the best known companies when it comes to dealings with property whether it is buying or selling. If you are looking for property for residential purposes in Altan Fields, or if you are looking for villas to suit your requirements and your tastes or a bungalow that provides the type of environment that you want all you need to do now is visit our website at www.Kenils.in.

If you are looking for just land and plots to buy for personal use or for business purposes Kenils ahs land and plots that are for ready sale in Ashok Vatika, Ambli, Ahmedabad. We also have plots and land for sale in Kheralu, Parvat, Lathi and Abrama in Gujarat. The locations are prime locations, the plots are undisputed and freehold plots and it can be used as you wish once it has been purchased.

In case it is land and property you are looking for to purchase for commercial purposes, then we have commercial property available in C.G. Road, Ambawadi, Prerna Akruti, Sanand, Gota and opposite Dariyapur Gate.

Our Investment company J.V. Investment company helps you to arrange for joint venture projects in order to successfully complete your project. Kenils has its own legal department that handles the paper work for you and makes it an uncomplicated process of purchasing or selling land, property and for constructing projects.

There are hotels in India that are for sale. If anyone is looking to expand their business into the hospitality industry by investing in a hotel Kenils is the place to come for a fair deal, uncomplicated processes and reasonable prices.

Since we are property brokers we keep the latest information about the property auctions and the property trading values as well as the latest tenders. It is our privilege to help you become a property agent. Please fill the form in our website and send it to us. We will reply to you with the full details and all that needs to be done in order to become a property agent.

Kenils is headquartered in Gujarat, but are presence is throughout the country. Among our list of customer are many Non Resident Indians who have had repeated dealings with us because of our fair dealings, our reasonable prices, our own legal firm that handles all the paper work at minimal costs. We strive to make business a simple uncomplicated process.


There are many property companies in the industry. We are different because we focus on the customer and we ensure that the customer comes first. In the list of services that we provide our first concern is to make the business deal a happy and pleasant one for your clients with the minimum complexities coming in the way of their requirements.

We have a number of services that we provide for the clients that come to us. We give them a wide choice of properties to buy from. We also arrange for properties that our clients are interested in but are not with us so that the customer is happy with the service that we provide.

We carry out negotiations on behalf of our clients in order to ensure that our clients get a fair deal as we are aware of the correct prices in the market and we keep our team updated with the latest fluctuations.

Kenils is well known as a company that has had professional and respectable dealings with other in the industry and with those who are not part of the industry also. Our legal department arranges for the search of the property, the sale deed and the memorandum of understanding when the negotiations are complete and the deal is to be finalized.

We also undertake inspections on behalf of our clients at no extra costs of the properties that they are interested in. We also do not charge a fee for properties that have been listed with us directly by the promoters making it easier for your clients to buy what they really want without worrying about the expenses.

When we process the legal documents, we do not take a fee but the legal process fees is all that is charged to the clients. Kenils is a one stop shop for customers. No client or potential client needs to run from once place to another or from one department to another to get things. Just tell us what is needed, trust our experience and our integrity and leave the rest to us. We have built our reputation by working honestly and in the interest of our clients. We believe in ethical business standards which we inculcate in our work environment. Where we can save expenses for our clients we make it a point to save it. All our services are based on making a relationship.

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