Ellis Bridge Property is Center of Ahmedabad

More than a century-old bridge constructed by the British that, today, has become synonymous to India’s first would-be World Heritage City, Ellis Bridge is also a posh locality in the city.

The original wooden bridge was constructed by British engineers in 1870-71. This beautiful structure was constructed using steel that was imported from Birmingham. This bridge has been popular and talked about in history at various points of time, from Gandhiji starting his Dandi March from here to it being an important member of heritage architectures in Ahmedabad that shall earn this metro city UNESCO Heritage City tag. It is adjacent to Laldarwaja, the shopping hub of Ahmedabad city. Laldarwaja is a market that provides everything from a pin to rocket. It’s a huge market area which keeps busy everyday due to hundreds of travellers and buyers.

The area that has developed on both ends of this bridge is known as Ellis Bridge area. These two parts of the area are occupied by two different sections of the society and are also divided on commercial and residential basis. One end is dominated by Muslim population and is commercially strong while the another end is a serene residential location that has some of the best bungalows and villas of the city. This area has seen a lot of transformations in the last one decade. Modern cafeterias to salons, studios, offices, libraries, eateries and residential projects have covered this area.

The area houses fun-loving and elite-class crowd. Developer Ashmit Mehta avers, “Residential development in this area has been eye catching and it stays a strong contender to people in Ahmedabad looking for quality and spacious living.”

Garima Malvanker, Times Property, The Times of India, Ahmedabad

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