Designing of Residential and Commercial Properties

After construction work completed the most important part of Home making starts, House Designing and Interior Decoration.

First there was a simple proceger of home decoration and interior designing, put the needed thing in it’s place as per room requirement and finish work.

Now people appoint a special person known as interior designer for making each room special design as per wanted theme. There are specialized interior designer for specific kind of designing work.

Our Work Service :-
We do designing of architectural drawing.

Types of Interior Designing Work :-
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Individual Bungalows :- This is the most likable place for any interior designer work working and showing their skills. In Bungalows three is Less construction and more Free space. Bungalows has four side open space and hence it gives an opportunity to interior designers a free work space for their imagination creation. Each side elevation can be done separately.

Tenement :- It has Three way open space, Less free space and more construction. Only one side interior elevation can be prefer.

Row house :- It has limited options of interior designing work, as it has only front side free space.

Flats or Apartments :- Interior designing work for this property can be done from inside as it has not elevation and free outer space.

Villas or Holiday homes :- This is little same compare to bungalows, but it have more interior options for designer as a dream destination as they can decorate free outer space also.

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Offices :- when u get four walls and u want a business destination for it, you need a high qualified and professional interior designer to put your dreams true and make office space an Live environment for employees and clients to deal.

Shops :-  This property are usually small or medium in size. People visit for their need’s and leave. So its interior work need to be easy and fast for supplying products to customers. Good display of items also matters for extra selling in shops.  Interior designer for shop are done as per selling product shape and size, counter, etc.

Showrooms :-  If u need to sell products it should be In Right place for customer Eye contact. Here customer enter and check products on display. Interior designing depends on type of showroom to be made. It is a hard work for interior designer for make each space useful for display.

Industrial Space :-

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