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The real estate developers have started noticing the large expanse of lands in Ahmedabad during this period of development. The aid and schemes from the government also serves as the best trigger to the real estate industries in Ahmedabad.

In 2012, the Times of India has declared Ahmedabad as the city to live. Therefore, no doubt, the property investments are very profitable in this both eastern and western region of Gujarat. The city is divided into four parts following the real estate parameters: Central area Ahmedabad, North areas Ahmedabad, South areas Ahmedabad, East areas Ahmedabad and West areas Ahmedabad.

The property prices depend on the different variable. Some of them are connectivity, infrastructure, location from the important places etc. Due to these factors the property rates are different in different parts of Ahmedabad.

Major locations of the central Ahmedabad include Ashram Road which is the Central Business District of Ahmedabad, the renowned National Institute of Design is situated in Paldi, C.G Road is the high end shopping area etc. The developed infrastructure and connectivity of the central Ahmedabad is also the reason behind the rate of properties (Rs.4000-9000/sq. ft.) in the central Ahmedabad.

The highlights of North Ahmedabad property are the Sardar Patel cricket stadium in Motera, Gandhinagar being the upcoming IT hub of India, NH8A highway connecting Sabarmati to other parts of Gujarat etc. The property rates here are around Rs. 3,500- 6,000/ sq. ft.

The South zone Ahmedabad property consist Vatva, one of the main industrial areas. The land unavailability is a major drawback of this part of the city. The property rates here are roughly Rs. 3000-5,500 sq. ft.

The East zone ahmedabad property part of the city contains the Indian heritages such as Jhulta Minar, sarangpur Darwaza etc. Shahilbaug is one of the developed and busiest areas of this part and possess high property rates, around Rs. 6500/ sq. ft.

The West zone Ahmedabad property is the industrial hub and the most vibrant part of the city. This place satisfies almost all the criteria of a property that is why the property rates are quite high around Rs. 4500-8000/ sq. ft.

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